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We produce liqueurs from ecological grown fruit. Our liqueurs are handmade from ecological grown fruits out of the"World Biosphere Reserve" LaPalma!

We never add artificial flavours, nor preservatives, nor stabilizer, nor any colours and we donīt need nor use flavor enhancer..

I guarantee! Manfred Heinrichs

Licor de Platano  

The ecological grown bananas used by palmapurlicores usually are more aromatic than the others. Our bananaliqueur has the real bananataste and not some artificial flavour which pretends to be banana.

Likör Guave  

Guavaliqueur is a rare Liqueurspeciality. The taste of the Guavaliquor canīt be compared with easily with other liqueurs. Perhaps you know Guavamarmelade or Guavapaste.

These are usually very sweet both. Our Guavaliquor tastes completely differently, it tastes "guavan"! The Guava contains very muchVitamin C. One Guava is already enough for the covering of the daily Vitamin C needs of an adult.

In addition it contains vitamin A and vitamines of the b-group. Sheets and fruits are effective against stomach and intestine problems. Enjoy it therefore before and after the meals.


Mainly we use 4 herbs from our biofinca to create this liqueur. Itīs a really strong and aromatic one and, most important, it works. It has calming effects on the stomache and the nervs. So enjoy it preferibly in the evening.

    Cactus Fig

Itīs a real rare liqueur. the taste is fruity and mild and different to any other liqueur you might have tasted befor. Besides that, the cactusfig is very healthy and the liqueur contains some of the healthy ingredients of the fruit.


The taste of liqueurs made out of real fruit depends very much on the quality of the used fruit

Our fruits are excellent! Our Orangeliqueur tastes real fruity, not so sweet and is very aromatic.

Try it with a dry champagne.

Use it for refining elegant sauces.


The Palmapurlicores coffee liqueur is made with strong south american and african coffees.

Lovers of a strong and aromatic coffee will love our liqueur too.

This liqueur turns vanilla ice into a temptation .

Nispero Wollmispel Likör  

The Japanese Woolmedlar, which supplies the fruits for our liqueur, only bears fruit in southern countries. The Woollmedlar is called also Brazilian apricot, Loquat and Nispero.Our Medlarliquor tastes like a fine Chinese plum wine with a strong breath of Amaretto. It is our best seller since years. Try it ! You will love it too!

Grapes Likör  

Based on an ecological red wine this liqueur surprises with its matured, mild-sweet taste composition. Refined with Orangefilets and an selected spice combination it fulfills high requirements. it is very suitable for cocktails of any kind, generally for mixing with other spirits, juices and even with black tea. Any dessert will win if you add the grape liqueur.

Limon Zitronen Likör  

This is a real Lemon liqueur. Very strong lemontaste!

A little bit like an italien lemonice

Refreshing, suitable for mixing.

Made with real juice. Just "lemonlike"


Prices in Euro

0,50 l bottle 21,50
0,20 l bottle 13,50
0,10 l bottle 9,90
0,04 l bottle 21,00 ( Pack of 3)