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We produce liqueurs from ecological grown fruit. Our liqueurs are handmade from ecological grown fruits out of the"World Biosphere Reserve" LaPalma!

We never add artificial flavours, nor preservatives, nor stabilizer, nor any colours and we donīt need nor use flavor enhancer..

I guarantee! Manfred Heinrichs


the organic bananas we use do not have to comply with European standards regarding size and shape. Therefore, the organic bananas do not need to be pumped up with plenty of chemical fertilizers and plenty of insecticides, pesticides and fungicides. They are also not grown in huge plastic greenhouses, as is customary in the Canary Islands, but in fact simply thrive outdoors. All this results in a clear improvement in taste. And so is the liqueur Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator


A balanced blend of yellow and red guavas, grown on my own finca, give an exotic fruity base note. Then the chili comes on the scene. Real chili. Surprise yourself and your guests with this very unusual liqueur.


A very exceptional liqueur. Aroma and taste are strong, fruity and anything but "mainstream". The prickly pear is very healthy by the way and by the careful production of our liqueurs a large part of the ingredients is preserved.


The taste of this liqueur largely depends on the quality of the fruit used. Our fruits are exquisite! Our orange liqueur tastes very fruity and not so sugar sweet. It goes very well with sparkling wine. We also use it for seasoning fine sauces.

    Guava/Ginger(Desafortunadamente agotado de momento)

A classic guava liqueur is already a rare speciality. My guaven/ginger liqueur even more. For all those who like ginger a great liqueur.

Nispero Wollmispel Likör  

The Japanese medlar, which supplies the fruit for our liqueur, is too cold in Germany. The fruits are sensitive to transport and do not last long. The Wollmispel is also called Brazilian Apricot, Loquat and Nispero. Our medlar liqueur tastes like a fine Chinese plum wine with a strong taste of Amaretto. The bouquet of the medlar liqueur is an experience, as is the taste. Try it out! It will taste good! Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator

    Guava/Poppy Blossom

The combination of red poppy blossoms and red and yellow guavas results in an almost irresistible exotic and sweet liqueur with a wonderful aroma and fine sweet taste.


The herbal liqueur is obtained to a large extent from herbs from my Biofinca. The herbal liqueur is strong and spicy. It contains a total of 13 different herbs with a calming effect. As it should be, it is slightly bitter. It has a calming effect on the stomach and nerves, also for headaches and should preferably be enjoyed in the evening.

Limon Zitronen Likör  

Our lemon liqueur tastes like lemon! The taste is comparable to that of a strong lemon ice cream. Mixed with mineral water in a ratio of 5 : 1 you get a delicious refreshment. Enjoyed before eating, it slightly stimulates the appetite. It also tastes very good with sparkling wine. Despite its intense lemon taste, it is ideal for mixing.

Mora MaulbeerenLikör  

And here, last but not least, the mulberry liqueur. A fruity and clearly berry liqueur with hints of blackberry, blackcurrant and a hint of elderberry and cranberry. The mulberry liqueur is very harmonious in its combination of fruit, alcohol and sugar. It is slightly less sweet than most other liqueurs and, although it has an intense taste, it is still subtle on the tongue. One of my two favourite liqueurs. A small amount of a good, creamy vanilla ice cream, and you have a super delicious, fine and special dessert.