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Natural Spirits

Palmapurlicores also produces some spirits made from ecological grown fruits and or herbs. All these spirits are handmade and are produced in the "Worldbioreservation" LaPalma!

II do not add any kind of chemical stuff to my products.

I guarantee for that Manfred Heinrichs

    ANIS ECO-certified

All ingredients of this wonderful anise come from controlled organic cultivation and controlled organic production. The fennel, used among other herbs, is harvested on my own ecological Finca and directly freshly processed. Other herbs that do not grow on La Palma come from the organic shop. This ecologically certified aniseed is wonderfully mild, tastes like fresh aniseed and fennel with one, and really only one, hint of sweetness.

    Opuntia leaf spirit ECO-certified
Opuntia leaf spirit ECO-certified  

This cactus spirit is probably the most exclusive of all my products. I haven't found a comparable drink on the Internet. And ecologically certified already once not at all. Only the very young cactus leaves are used which are practically still without spines.

The taste is similar to that of gentian, maybe a little mezcal and very distant from grappa. Customers have already described the taste as "green", "earthy", "grassy" and "honest". In any case, it is different from anything else I know.


The slightly different bitter. In contrast to almost all other bitters I know, my bitter is complete without the slightest note of sweetness. It contains 16 different herbs. Among others Gingko, Hierba Buena, Kardamon and of course Wormwood. The result can be seen, forgiven, tasted. For all those who are really looking for a bitter that flies without an eagle.

    G I N

A GIN without frills. My GIN doesn't need 32 different botanicals to taste or to distinguish itself. It not only contains juniper berries, but the juniper berry clearly sets the tone as it should be. The rest is only for rounding. And this is well done. By the way, it gets its pale pink colour from poppy blossoms. A classic GIN in the best sense.

    prickly pear spirit )
prickly pear spirit 	 

A fruity liquor from the prickly pear. Despite its 40% nicely mild and also enjoyable for people who normally already a rum is too hot.

    Japanese medlar

medlar spirit The Japanese medlar, which supplies the fruit for our Schnapps, is too cold in Germany. The fruits are sensitive to transport and do not last long. The Japanese medlar is also called Brazilian Apricot, Loquat and Nispero.

the flavour of this schnapps is very fruity. a hint of amaretto lies briefly on the tongue before the fruity aromas of plum, apricot and peach take over.

The medlar spirit is not as mild as the cactus schnapps, but the alcoholic 40 percent are already clearly noticeable. Try it out if you love the strong drinks! You will like it! Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator

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